Jim Tananbaum’s Take on Mindstrong Health

Paul Dagum, the Mindstrong Health CEO, argues that it is the time for mental disorder treatment to be approached through measurement of brain patterns. He further says that to treat mental illnesses effectively, the approach used to treat other chronic illnesses need to be adopted. He was speaking at a conference where Mindstrong Health announced that it had raised over $14 million to fund its new platform. See, http://www.massdevice.com/neuropsych-treatment-diagnosis-platform-dev-mindstrong-health-raises-14m-series/.

In a report by Market Wired, the platform that has been developed by Mindstrong health seeks to track a person’s brain-behavior as a result of how they handle their smartphone. It is argued that a person’s scrolling and typing pattern is directly linked to the brain functionality. This system will be able to tap a patient’s brain processing sequence, attention, and general function in a continuous & systematic method which can be analyzed. At the end, their true brain functionality and state will be established.

This new approach has been endorsed by renowned health practitioners like Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital, which is among the companies funding this development. Other companies funding this new development include ARCH Venture Partners, Berggruen Holdings, the One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and Optum Ventures. These funding organizations all spoke well of this new development which is going to transform mental treatment.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a healthcare entrepreneur who has been involved in the establishment and growth of many different pharmaceutical companies in his 25 years of working. According to ideamensch.com, he is currently the CEO of Foresite Capital which he founded and has seen it grow. Before Foresite Capital, Jim was involved in the development of GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Prospect Venture Partners II, and Theravance, Inc. He successfully led each of these companies to achieve great success. The experience he got from this companies pushed him to establish Foresite capital and to fund the development of other viable pharmaceutical companies.

Jim Tananbaum is a proud holder of an M.D and an M.B.A which he achieved from Harvard University. He also holds an M.s which he achieved at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. and B.S.E.E he achieved at Yale University. This educational background is underlain by volunteer work at Yale University Advisory Board and Harvard-MIT HST as an advisor.

Catching Dangerous Fugitives with Securus Technologies Monitoring

My duties as a fugitive task hunter are simple, locate and arrest these fugitives before they are able to hurt another innocent victim. Recently I had a very challenging case handed to me, a suspect who was robbing local banks at gunpoint and thumbing his nose to the authorities. The reason we knew who the suspect was, he did little to hide his identity from the bank surveillance cameras in every bank he robbed. When you are dealing with a suspect like this, they really have nothing to lose and they could do just about anything to try and stay out of jail.


One concern my superiors had was this suspect was moving from hitting the bank teller, to dragging them to the vault to get the big scores. He was tired of risking his freedom for $3,000, so he hit the vaults for $30,000 for 60 seconds work and would disappear for longer periods. Regardless his schedule, he was now top priority on my hit list, and I was pulling out all the stops to find him. What had my fellow officers concerned was that if he happened to hit a score of $100,000 or more, he may disappear for years and make it that more challenging to locate him. Time was certainly an issue with this suspect, so we stepped up our efforts immediately to get some type of break in the case.


While collecting information at the local prison, it came to my attention that Securus Technologies was on site installing a new inmate call monitoring system. Once I discovered how the system worked, I wanted to get trained on that LBS software immediately. Securus Technologies has installed the same system in 2,600 jails to rave reviews, so I decided this could be a resource that may help in my efforts to find my suspect. When you have the CEO and all thousand employees of Securus Technologies working to make the world safer, you can’t go wrong.


Days after having the system search for our suspect, the covert alert feature tipped my team off to activity. An inmate was talking about meeting up with the suspect after his release, but he wasn’t aware we picked up the conversation. The longer we listened to those calls, the easier it became to pinpoint where and how these two were going to reconnect. The system was working overtime collecting information and helping us to really get a good read on what was about to happen in a few weeks. This was all we needed to finally close the gap on this dangerous fugitive, and were able to reunite the suspect with the jail cell he occupied only a few months earlier.


A Brief Look at Mikhail Blagosklonny and his Passion for Rapamycin

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist who researches on Aging and cancer. He plays the role of a professor of Oncology at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. He attained an MD in Internal Medicine at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. Additionally, he attained a Ph.D. from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. He was given the position of an associate professor of medicine in the year 2002 in the New York Medical College. The college is situated in Valhalla, New York. Later on, He became a part of the Ordway Research Institute where he played the role of a senior scientist. He became a part of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the year 2009 as a Professor in Oncology. The skills and experience he attained in the various locations he worked aided him in becoming a remarkable professor. Some of his research interests consist of cancer, Biogerontology, targeted cancer therapies which protect the cells which are healthy from attaining damage as well as anti-aging drugs.

Mikhail Blagosklonny plays the role of the editor-in-chief for Cell Cycle as well as Oncotarget. Additionally, he plays the role of the associate editor of cancer therapy and biology. Mikhail is also on the editorial board of Differentiation and Death Cell. Mikhail came about a hypothesis concerning TOR Signalling possible part in aging and cancer. Mikhail recommended that this could act as a treatment for lie extension. Mikhail Blagosklonny has been grouped as one of the highly passionate supporters of Rapamycin in the research for longevity. His research consists of molecular biology to cellular to clinical investigations. It mainly has to do with apoptosis, tumor suppressors, ontogenesis, drug resistance for normal cells selective protection, mitosis, anticancer therapeutics, and cell cycle.

Know more: http://gettingstronger.org/tag/mikhail-blagosklonny/

Mikhail brought about the theory of aging hyperfunction. He also writes about chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cytotherapy. Additionally, he is recognized for his deep interest in oncology. He is of the belief that the control of cancer and aging can be controlled. He also believes that the cure for cancer is possible and that is why he recommended the utilization of Rapamycin. He has over 200 book chapters, research articles, and reviews accredited to his name. Additionally, Mikhail Blagosklonny plays the role of an associate editor for the International Journal of Cancer, PLOS ONE and the American Journal of Pathology.

Mikhail’s commitment and hard work are part of the things that have assisted in his achievement to becoming one of the largest researchers of Oncology around the globe. He states that the love he possesses for humanity as well as the vision of seeing a community that is free of disease is what pushed him into his line of work.

In the year 2006, it was concluded that Sirolimus or Rapamune which are also known as Rapamycin in basic science have already gotten the required approval to enable them to be used clinically. Additionally, Rapamycin can assist in the treatment of metabolic disorders, autoimmunity and a host of other diseases. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Wild Ark Ambassadors Stand with Bristol Bay Advocates in Alaska

The Alaskan salmon runs are one of nature’s most amazing spectacles. Far in the north of Alaska, in one of America’s most beautiful, rugged and remote locations, the Bristol Bay rivers are the birthplace of millions of salmon. Small rivers and lakes feed into the great rivers, known as the Nushagak, the Kvichak, the NakNek and the Mulchatna.Learn more : http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/20/mick-fanning-the-conservationist-first-look-at-his-expedition-t/


Winters are dark and long, and summer days stretch almost without end in this exotic region near the top of the world. It teems with wildlife, from the millions of wild sockeye salmon which swim along the rivers to the massive herds of caribou which graze at the water’s edge. They provide food for the grizzly bears, wolf packs, and bald eagles which prowl hungrily across the land and through the skies. But it all goes back to the major rivers, which provide the lifeblood of this beautiful wonderland.Learn more : http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/29/david-pocock-will-spend-his-sabbatical-saving-the-world/


But maybe not forever. Wild Ark, a conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the wilderness, is part of an alliance defending Bristol Bay from the onslaughts of pollution. Legendary Australian surfer and Wild Ark ambassador Mick Fanning traveled to Bristol Bay to highlight the dangers of proposed pit mining operations, as part of their broader mission to protect and preserve greenways for the animals that live there.


Mining companies describe southwestern Alaska as “desolate” and propose building Pebble Mine, the world’s largest open pit mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay. The massive mine would require more power than is even used by Anchorage, Alaska, the state’s largest city, and would leave an estimated 2.5 to 10.78 billion tons of waste, which would have to be managed indefinitely to prevent massive pollution of the essential waterways.Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wild-ark#/entity


For ten years, advocates have fought to prevent the mining companies from building the open pit mine, which would tear apart the landscape for short-term profits and minerals, and build roads across fragile salmon streams. Wild Ark has a mission to protect nature for future generations and to preserve the precarious ecology of our planet for the plants and animals that live there.

Watch here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo4EHg7ZWNPFEg3tjytCSg


Exploring the Features and Impacts of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is one of the most prominent businesspersons in the state of Paraiba, more precisely its capital, Joao Pessoa. This prominence is owed to his business operations in the area including Manaira Shopping. The well-architected and modern enterprise has propelled him to become a reference in the area, especially when it comes to investing and capitalizing on the region’s resources.

Ever since it was opened in 1989, Manaira Shopping serves as an embodiment of success for the residents of Paraiba. Nonetheless, the shopping center has undergone about five expansions since its construction. As such, it is currently one of the largest shopping complexes in Joao Pessoa, which offers not only an excellent shopping experience but also entertaining activities.

Read more: http://www.blogdogordinho.com.br/empresario-considerado-o-papa-dos-shoppings-centers-diz-que-jp-nao-tem-mais-espacos-para-esse-tipo-de-empreendimento/

Features of Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping boasts of about 75,000m2 of gross leasable area and 280 stores. Roberto Santiago planned the mall in a manner that ensures customer satisfaction. For this reason, Manaira Shopping is the go-to location for movie enthusiasts. This is due to its wide range of cinema facilities ranging from 3D rooms to a stadium system concept. Additionally, Manaira Shopping offers a remarkable gaming location for gamers, which includes over 200 electronic game machines.

Apart from gaming and movies, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has enough food joints to cater to those in need of food or snacks while at the premises. In fact, shoppers and visitors are presented with a broad range of options including restaurants, a gourmet space and food courts to suit different tastes and preferences. Additionally, Manaira has other facilities including university branches, a gym and ballroom.

Achievements of the Mall

A survey conducted by Abracse in collaboration with Urban Studies Group acknowledge Manaira Shopping for being one of the shopping centers, which led to the growth of the shopping center sector in Brazil by 6.5% in 2015. The survey also recognized the modern shopping complex for its effort in reinventing itself not only as a shopping area but also as a tour and leisure center.

Rafaella Barros, the marketing and digital manager of Manaira Shopping, emphasized Manaira’s status by calling it a multipurpose space with an array of facilities such as a concert hall, gym, movie theaters among many others. In 2015, Manaira Shopping recorded a movement of nearly 2 million individuals, which serves as a testament to the stability of the shopping sector in the country. Read more on comunique-se.com.

Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is an acclaimed Brazilian entrepreneur. He has made a name for himself in business by owning some of the popular shopping centers such as Mangabeira Shopping and Manaira Shopping. Santiago’s career hit the road at the Café Santa Rosa before joining the cartonage business. His knowledge in business can be attributed to his experience and studies in business administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Arthur Becker Takes on Soho Project

For the past several years tech mogul Arthur Becker has been slowly ingratiating himself within the New York real estate scene. Of course, most people know Arthur Becker for his high profile marriage to fashion designer Vera Wang, but the businessman has much more going on behind the headlines. Becker has taken a long and winding road throughout his career in order to become one of the biggest real estate developers in New York, and he just added a slate of projects to his itinerary. Let’s dive into Becker’s latest project which is located on Sullivan Street down in Soho.

It was reported just last year that Becker had purchased into a real estate development on Sullivan Street down in Soho. The project, which takes place on 10 Sullivan Street, is looking to become one of the best premium condo developments in town. Now Becker is doubling down on his investment by purchasing adjacent townhouses to the 10 Sullivan street project. Recent public reports showed that Becker purchased 30 Sullivan Street, 40 Sullivan Street, and 50 Sullivan Street. These locations don’t have their townhouses completely built as of yet but Becker is already promising that they’ll be finished within the next two or three months. Becker’s goal is to live in one of the townhouses while selling the other two.

Arthur Becker hasn’t announced how much he’s invested into the Soho project as of yet but financial reports from Real Capital Analytics show nearly $15 million invested. Becker’s supremely confident that the project will turn out to be highly profitable. Visit Bloomberg for more info.

Arthur Becker has taken a long and winding road to success, as we stated above, and his career is definitely worth studying. Becker first won his fortune as a stockbroker, buying and trading tech companies in the early ’00s. After striking it big as a stockbroker it was time to try something new. Since then we have seen Becker dive into a variety of different industries while trying to establish himself as an entrepreneur. Among those different industries we have seen Becker invest in custom binoculars, macadamia nut farms, ancient currencies from South Africa and more. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

See more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/real-estate/vera-wang-wealthy-nabs-30k-month-union-sq-rental-article-1.2244221


Whitney Wolfe Presents The Best Dating App Option For Women

Whitney Wolfe is making a name for herself as she competes against the male domination of the dating app industry. She was the co-founder of a highly successful dating app called Tinder.

What she wanted to do was create a successful rival that would actually put women in a position of control inside the company and inside of the app. Whitney Wolfe has created what she has often referred to in interviews as a feminist dating app. She is not sitting around a table as the only woman in a male-dominated culture that was part of the Tinder app that she co-founded.

With Bumble Whitney Wolfe has shown that she can create an app on her own and establish a work environment in her Texas-based company where she connects with staff members that are also female.

Whitney Wolfe is working in a place where she knows about the male-oriented culture from the perspective that men had on dating apps. She did not feel like she needed to create another app that would induce the same type of logic for the creation of Bumble. What she wanted to do with Bumble was get together with other women and get their input on what they would like to see in the app world. This would be the backbone of creating a dating app that would actually cater to a new generation of young millennial women that were finally in control. They wanted to see something different, and Whitney Wolfe got together with a team of women that could make this happen.

That may be the major difference for the Bumble app. It is a company with about 35 employees on a global level, and women are the dominant force behind the creative ideas that are put in place to build this company.

Read more on Behance.net

How Financial Leader Brian Bonar Created A World Class Restaurant

Brian Bonar is a San Diego-based leader in the financial services industry. He is also a restauranteur, buying his first restaurant in 2013. There was a restaurant in Escondido, a suburb of San Diego, that was one of his favorites and at a great location. This restaurant, which had been around for years, closed down suddenly. This led Brian Bonar to buy the restaurant and rebrand it into something far better.

Brian Bonar’s restaurant, Bellamy’s, has been very successful. It features a French-California cuisine fusion that was created by its star chef, Patrick Ponsaty. Patrick Ponsaty is one of only two chefs in the region that have earned the illustrious designation of Master Chef of France. Brian Bonar was also able to hire the old restaurant’s long-time frontman, Trevor Da Costa, as well as hire up and coming Mike Reidy as the restaurant’s Executive Chef.

Troy Johnson, the food critic for San Diego magazine, said that the food at Bellamy’s was superlative. He really enjoyed the experience, including his service, and the food he ate which included a duck dish, polenta with Parmesan, and a saffron panna cotta desert. He said the only misstep was the halibut was a little mushy but that was out of the restaurant’s control as that season that had been a very common problem in halibut fishing.

Bellamy’s success has led to Brian Bonar establishing another restaurant in the area at Ranch at Bandy Canyon. This restaurant is being built with Patrick Ponsaty building his dream kitchen. Once completed, he will cook at this restaurant and Mike Reidy will take over his duties at Bellamy’s.

Brian Bonar has had a lot of success as a financial executive. He is the leader at two financial services companies, Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept, Inc. He founded Trucept in 2011 and provides temporary staffing solutions to small businesses as well as insurance products.

He has been with Dalrada Financial for almost 20 years and through advancement is now the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. At Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar directs the company’s management and sales strategies that are used by small to medium sized businesses.

Bonar earned his Technical Engineering degree at James Watt Technical College in Staffordshire, England. He went on with his education by attending Stafford University, earning his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating, he worked for IBM for several years as a Procurement Manager. Eventually, he left and earned a management role at QMS where he was Director of Engineering.

Among other businesses that Brian Bonar has founded is Bezier Systems where he developed and released the world’s first SCSI printer. Other roles he has filled in the business world include President of Allegiant Business Services and an executive position at Itec Imaging Technologies.

Hussain Sajwani’s Milestone in the Real Estate Venture

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the current CEO of Damac Properties. It is a firm that deals with the development of the luxury real estate properties. It has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Sajwani is a real estate investor with exceptional skills on entrepreneurship and innovations. As the Damac owner, Mr. Sajwani has escalated his firm to a global standard. Since 2002, Damac Group has taken part in developing residential, leisure, and commercial properties in the Middle East. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

Hussain Sajwani career and success in real estate ventures

Previously, Mr. Sajwani was in the food service industry. He took his entrepreneurial dream a higher notch in 2002 and founded Damac Properties. During this year, the government in Dubai had authorized foreigners to own assets in the Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani took a risk and bought land in places that back then were regarded us undeveloped. His first project was building a 38-story building. He managed to sell off the residential units in less than six months. From that start, he has successfully constructed several luxurious properties. Mr. Hussain Sajwani’s projects have made Dubai become one of the stunning destinations in the world.

Sajwani and Trump deal

Long before Donald Trump became the president of the U.S., Damac Group had teamed up with him in the real estate business. In 2013, they collaborated and developed the glamorous Trump International Golf Club in Dubai.

The relationship between Damac and Trump Organization has been outstanding since the project turned out successful. During the New Year Eve, Trump described Hussain Sajwani family as the most beautiful people he has ever met.

Apart from his investment career, Hussain Sajwani has taken part in charity work. Recently Damac Group gave a financial donation to aid over 50,000 deprived children to get clothes.

The contribution was part of continued support for the government in its effort to uplift the living standards of its people. Under Hussain leadership, Damac Properties has been effective both economically and socially to the country.

Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: https://www.damacproperties.com/en/media-centre/press-releases/damac-properties-inaugurates-trump-international-golf-club-dubai

EOS Gets Your Lips Super Smooth

For more than 100 years Chapstick was the most well-known company when it came to lip balm. Chapstick is a company that specializes in unisex lip balms. Chapstick virtually had no competitors for almost the entire time since their inception. Even if other companies made a lip balm, they generally copied the model of Chapstick. When an individual thought about a lip balm, they generally thought about a long cylinder container that held a waxy soft balm.

The makers of EOS lip balm wanted to completely and totally change the lip balm industry. They wanted to make a lip balm that was specifically for women. They did something that was revolutionary: they asked women what they wanted. EOS wanted to know the look, feel, smell, and ingredients that women would prefer in a lip balm. They did many different Facebook polls with women all around the United States, and they put that information well into their product.

The makers of EOS wanted to be able to find a product that was easy to locate in a purse. Since that was their aim, they made their lip balm come in round sphere containers that are soft and enjoyable to touch. EOS also wanted the lip balm application process to be enjoyable for women because they knew that would improve their products likeability.

The makers of EOS wanted their lip balm to have soothing and organic ingredients because the majority of their clientele appreciated organic products. EOS lip balms are made with Shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin D. These are the ingredients that nourish a woman’s lip with every application.


Now, Chapstick has had to take second place to EOS because EOS is the number one lip balm company. Pharmacies all across the nation sell EOS products, and since EOS is sold at such an affordable price, it is common to see women using these revolutionary lip balms.