An in depth look at Doe Deere

An in depth look at Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere has also been referred to as the “Unicorn Queen”. Lime Crime Cosmetics has been in business since late 2008. Doe Deere wanted to create a line of cosmetics and hair products that were a bit out of the ordinary. In addition, Doe Deere has stated that she created Lime Crime so that a person could express themselves through various unique shades and colors.


Doe Deere carries a line of “Unicorn Lipsticks” and other products which are all cruelty and vegan free. In addition, Doe Deere makes all products hypoallergenic for those who may be sensitive to cosmetics and hair care products. All Lime Crime products are attractively packaged with the “sparkling unicorn” trademark on the packaging.


Lime Crime products have become so popular possibly due to the unique colors as well as special prices offered. Lime Crime offers special coupons as well as discounts on select products. Currently, Lime Crime is offering a free velvetine with every order of $10 or more.


Some of Lime Crime lip stick products include Metallic Velvetines as well as Peerless Lipstick. Peerless Lipstick is a cross between a matte and metallic type lipstick. The Metallic Velvetine Lipstick is one of Lime Crime’s top sellers.


Lime Crime lipsticks all come in pleasant flavors. In addition, all lipsticks condition your lips and provide protection form the sun and harsh weather for up to eight hours. Acid Fairy, Eclipse and True Love are simply unique colors which are offered at a reasonable price. Learn more:


Customers may sign up for the special email list on the Lime Crime web site. Once you sign up for the email list you will receive special sale notifications sent directly to your in box.


Please see for additional product information. The web site does offer a chat feature which can assist in answering any immediate questions or concerns.


It is easy to follow Lime Crime on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Lime Crime updates their web site on a regular basis.