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Deirdre Baggot and her Input in Healthcare

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Deirdre Baggot is an expert in health where she is involved in the clinical and business aspects of it. She is especially interested in payments, as she was instrumental in pioneering bundled payments. She got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southern Illinois University. To gain knowledge and skills in business, she obtained a […]

The dietary supplement and nutrition sector of the financial markets have been struggling for success in the last few years but the Herbalife brand continues to see impressive growth at the end of 2018. The company is focused on a range of interests from sports and dietary supplements to lifestyle products which will continue to […]

When I walk out the door at the beginning of the day, I want my hair to look like I spent hours on it, even when I didn’t have the time or energy to wash and blow dry it before jumping in the car. This requires hair care products that maintain my hair’s beauty and […]

Lincolnshire Management, a private equity firm, has emerged on the scene as a company built for serving the middle market. Although most firms are focused on one industry, things have changed. Today, Lincolnshire Management has invested in more than 84 industries. To date, they now have acquired more than 30 funds. The key to their […]

Born in 1949, in Sao Paulo, Guilherme Paulus has grown to be a well-known hotelier and entrepreneur globally. Paulus began his carrier when he was only 20 years old as an intern for IBM. He now runs GJP resorts and hotels which operates over 20 outlets, as well as CVC Brasil Operadora Tour Company. Paulus […]

Zeco Auriemo started demonstrating his leadership skills when he was a teenager. As a teenager, Zeco Auriemo participated in the international youth coexistence that was held in Japan. He also chose to live in Europe for some time to perfect his art in horse riding together with his friend Nelson Pessoa. When he was 17 […]

What started as just but a retail market for meat that was big enough to satisfy the needs of the immigrant community in Chicago is astonishingly among the biggest providers of food globally as of now. It was at the time known as Otto and Sons, but following its tremendous growth over the decades, it […]

The outstanding career of Ryan Seacrest

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Being a well-known person, Ryan Seacrest has striven to live with integrity and exercise ethical behavior to be a great role model for others. He has worked with Holywood for many years, and his career continues to thrive due to his hardworking nature and dedication towards his work. He has taken part in the hosting […]

Scams are abundant in this day and age, and most of them promise untold riches if only you first send some money. The internet is loaded with these kinds of scams making it very hard to separate a real opportunity from something that is in existence to get your money from you. Unfortunately, this means […]

Krishen Iyer a Renowned Marketing Guru

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Krishen Iyer is a renowned serial entrepreneur with interests in health and dental insurance. Krishen is currently the CEO of Managed Benefits that was previously known as Quick Link. At Managed Benefits Krishen uses his extensive knowledge and skills in online marketing, client relations including technical development in serving the firm’s clients. Managed Benefits is […]