Catching Dangerous Fugitives with Securus Technologies Monitoring

Catching Dangerous Fugitives with Securus Technologies Monitoring

My duties as a fugitive task hunter are simple, locate and arrest these fugitives before they are able to hurt another innocent victim. Recently I had a very challenging case handed to me, a suspect who was robbing local banks at gunpoint and thumbing his nose to the authorities. The reason we knew who the suspect was, he did little to hide his identity from the bank surveillance cameras in every bank he robbed. When you are dealing with a suspect like this, they really have nothing to lose and they could do just about anything to try and stay out of jail.


One concern my superiors had was this suspect was moving from hitting the bank teller, to dragging them to the vault to get the big scores. He was tired of risking his freedom for $3,000, so he hit the vaults for $30,000 for 60 seconds work and would disappear for longer periods. Regardless his schedule, he was now top priority on my hit list, and I was pulling out all the stops to find him. What had my fellow officers concerned was that if he happened to hit a score of $100,000 or more, he may disappear for years and make it that more challenging to locate him. Time was certainly an issue with this suspect, so we stepped up our efforts immediately to get some type of break in the case.


While collecting information at the local prison, it came to my attention that Securus Technologies was on site installing a new inmate call monitoring system. Once I discovered how the system worked, I wanted to get trained on that LBS software immediately. Securus Technologies has installed the same system in 2,600 jails to rave reviews, so I decided this could be a resource that may help in my efforts to find my suspect. When you have the CEO and all thousand employees of Securus Technologies working to make the world safer, you can’t go wrong.


Days after having the system search for our suspect, the covert alert feature tipped my team off to activity. An inmate was talking about meeting up with the suspect after his release, but he wasn’t aware we picked up the conversation. The longer we listened to those calls, the easier it became to pinpoint where and how these two were going to reconnect. The system was working overtime collecting information and helping us to really get a good read on what was about to happen in a few weeks. This was all we needed to finally close the gap on this dangerous fugitive, and were able to reunite the suspect with the jail cell he occupied only a few months earlier.



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