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Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a privately held company that specializes in meat processing and complementary products. Undoubtedly one of the biggest suppliers of meat, the company underwent an expansion cycle that saw it enhance its portfolio to include novelty foods. Operating in the U.S as OSI Industries, LLC, the company was named […]

Todd Lubar On Real Estate

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Todd Lubar is an expert on real estate, and it is no wonder why. Mr. Lubar is not only a highly qualified real estate agent, but he is also a businessman and owns multiple companies relating to real estate. He has had many years of real estate work done in Maryland, and also has experience […]

Mike Baur is teamed up with some of Switzerland’s top venture capital investors in a startup accelerator that he runs with the goal of taking startup ideas to the big stage in a short period. The company that he runs that does this is the Swiss Startup Factory which has a three-month program that’s full […]

Have you ever wondered what the real and solid attributes of being a businessman are? What makes a successful entrepreneur and what doesn’t? Who is made for the world of business? Is it all about skills or a lot of it has to do with luck? Read more below to find out some of the […]

Success is nothing new to Joel Friant. He’s a had a long track record of that. It’s no surprise that his newest creation, the Habanero Shaker, has been a hit. Based in Corpus Christie, Texas, Joel does everything in his power to help others succeed and achieve their goals. Having called himself a “serial entrepreneur,” […]

Avatrade Review: What You Need To Know

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Avatrade is arguably one of the internet’s greatest financial trading platforms. It’s giving people the opportunity to invest in the massive foreign exchange market. Of all the possible ways to make money, the foreign currencies world is by far the most profitable. Forex trading has never been easier and this is only some of the […]

There’s an old governmental word back in play today, thanks to Donald Trump’s defiant way of governing. Political scientist and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Norman Ornstein, thinks democracy is the wrong word to use when describing what America is experiencing today. Ornstein says the United States is experiencing a Kakistocracy and what George […]

Changing The World Of Fitness

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Nutrition is something that few people know about. Many people have a diet that is void of quality food and nutrients. IDLife is a company that is working to change that. Over the years, IDLife has worked hard to provide quality products and services to customers in this area. Fitness is an important area of […]