Category: Inmate Communication

The Securus Technologies has been in the high tech provision for a long time. The company helps in ensuring that the inmates can keep in touch with their loved ones. This has helped in the reforming process of the inmates. Many convicts say that it is lonely in jail. Without the freedom and other devices, […]

Securus Technologies provides solutions that can prevent crime, but the firm may also be able to prevent another tragedy that is known to happen in prisons. The company can find vulnerable inmates who might be tempted to commit suicide. The case of former New England Patriot’s player Aaron Hernandez brought a suit against the company. […]

As the world progresses and the use of technology increases across the globe, it has become more and more important for the correctional agencies to develop and advance as well to keep the crime rate low. In the United States, one of the companies that are well-known for offering innovative crime prevention and investigative technology […]

My duties as a fugitive task hunter are simple, locate and arrest these fugitives before they are able to hurt another innocent victim. Recently I had a very challenging case handed to me, a suspect who was robbing local banks at gunpoint and thumbing his nose to the authorities. The reason we knew who the […]

Securus Technologies is one of the most advanced technology companies in the field of law enforcement and crime prevention. The company has offered a bouquet of services to the correctional space for years that has transformed the incarceration environment for better.     The company recently launched the video visitation services as well, which would […]