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Betsy Devos and the Fight for School Choice

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For Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, the fight for giving parents the right to choose their children’s school isn’t something new. It’s something that goes back many decades, to when she and her husband Dick had school-age children of their own.   It was then that the couple visited Potter’s House Christian School in their […]

There’s an old governmental word back in play today, thanks to Donald Trump’s defiant way of governing. Political scientist and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Norman Ornstein, thinks democracy is the wrong word to use when describing what America is experiencing today. Ornstein says the United States is experiencing a Kakistocracy and what George […]

Moving Forward: The Progressive ECU

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The powers of humankind are unfairly funneled through a lens of negativity. The fact is that there are great people doing wonderful things to help promote positive changes throughout this country. These changes will affect the world for years to come. It is the responsibility of each man and women on this earth to attempt […]