Compassion And Care “Sussex Healthcare” Providing The Very Best In Residential And Nursing Care Services In Sussex, UK For The Past 25 Years

Compassion And Care “Sussex Healthcare” Providing The Very Best In Residential And Nursing Care Services In Sussex, UK For The Past 25 Years

Introduction – Whether it is a profound multiple learning disability patient, someone suffering from a neurological condition, an acquired brain injury patient or a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease, Sussex Healthcare takes great pride in ensuring the very best in care for every client.

Mission Statement – Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing the very highest quality in both Residential and Nursing Care Services for the residents of Sussex, UK. It is dedicated to ensuring that loved ones are cared for in a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment where they can maximize their physical, intellectual, emotional and social capabilities.

Locations – Multiple locations exist in Sussex including Horncastle House in West Sussex, Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Kingsmead Care Center, Longfield Manor, Rapkyns Care Home and others.

25 Years of Service – For the past 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has ensured the best in care for each and every client. This includes providing services appropriate to the resident’s needs, accessible locations, qualified, compassionate staff and specialists and a safe, clean facility with appropriate amenities

The Best in Care at Sussex Healthcare – At Sussex Healthcare facilities, a versatile personally tailored plan of care is developed for each resident. Great care is taken to personally select activities that motivate, stimulate and interest the individual. Previous interests and activities are taken into account along with all specific health and nursing needs.

In-house Physiotherapists are available for those with spinal cord injuries with specialists accessible from the renowned National Hospital for Neurology in Queens Square and The Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders. For those living with memory loss, special care is taken to maintain a sense of comfort and familiarity with the facility to avoid disorientation.

Award Winning Accreditation and Care – Sussex Healthcare is the only independent care home provider in the UK to have qualified for dual accreditation from both the Health Quality Service (HQS) and the International Standard (ISO) 9000:2000.

Summary – Sussex Healthcare provides the very best in compassionate care for clients with conditions ranging from Parkinson’s Disease to Stroke to severe speech impairment to Huntington’s Disease. All care centers have double accreditation and provide a safe and welcoming environment with 24 hour staff support. All staff are extremely well trained with top chefs providing gourmet meals and alternative therapies such as Reflexology available on request. Sussex Healthcare Care Centers are centers of excellence that ensure that the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of every client are its top priority.