Democratic Alliance Founder George Soros Is Not Giving Up The Fight Against Trumpism

Democratic Alliance Founder George Soros Is Not Giving Up The Fight Against Trumpism

There’s an old governmental word back in play today, thanks to Donald Trump’s defiant way of governing. Political scientist and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Norman Ornstein, thinks democracy is the wrong word to use when describing what America is experiencing today. Ornstein says the United States is experiencing a Kakistocracy and what George Soros knows. The term Kakistocracy describes a government that has unscrupulous leaders that use citizens who lack the knowledge and awareness to understand critical political decisions making, according to early 19th century English author Thomas Love Peacock. In order for the government to qualify as a Kakistocracy, the president must have a blatant disregard for the country and the welfare of its citizens, and there must be enough people willing to elect a president who lacks the essential tools to govern responsibly. No one knows how destructive a Kakistocracy can be for a nation better than humanitarian and Democratic donor George Soros and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is on a mission to bring down Trumpism, and the Kakistocracy that is throwing the nation into turmoil. Mr. Soros is an active member of the Democratic Alliance, and he is also one of the founders of that left-wing organization. The Democratic Alliance is a group of wealthy and powerful people who believe the country is under attack by the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Mr. Soros is funding several initiatives that bring Trump’s true agenda to light. He knows how to do that because he’s been doing that in countries around the world since 1979 through his Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation has democratic initiatives in more than 100 countries. The Open Society is making a difference by supporting hundreds of organizations that protect freedom and human rights in countries that ignore those principles and read full artilce.

Mr. Soros got the idea to form the foundation when he was studying philosophy at the London School of Economics in the late 1940s. Philosopher Karl Popper’s argument was no ideology or philosophy has the final word on truth. Popper said societies can only grow and flourish when there is freedom of expression, respect for individual rights and democratic governance. The Open Society Foundation uses those principles to help nations break free from tyranny and oppression and George Soros’s lacrosse cmap.

Soros gave scholarships to black South Africans in 1979. And in the 1980s, Soros was active in the open exchange between the West and the Communist Eastern Bloc. When the Berlin Wall finally disappeared, George created the Central European University in Hungary as a source for critical thinking. The university is under attack by the Hungarian government, and George Soros is the regime’s main target. But George is used to attacks. His economic and political ideas are always under an anti-Soros microscope, but he rises above those naysayers. He makes a positive impact on the world through his economic ideas and political sensibility and Follow him

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