Dick DeVos is Changing the World of Business and Education

Dick DeVos is Changing the World of Business and Education

I believe that Dick DeVos has done some exceptional things in the business world. It is easy for people to assume that he was someone that was handed everything because his father started Amway. It is true that this gave him a good head start, but Dick DeVos is a business man that has managed to do many things on his own.


I know that at one time he was in an executive position for the company that his father started. He did great work with Amway and billions of dollars in sales would be attached to his name during his vice presidential role. This was impressive, and many other entrepreneurs would have went on to live a life where they enjoyed their money without even worrying about taking another job. I think that this is what separates Dick DeVos from the rest. He did not go in this direction. DeVos did not take any time to spend his multi-billion-dollar wealth on frivolous things. Instead, Dick DeVos made a conscious decision to actually put his money into something worthwhile.


For years Dick DeVos and his family have been giving to the education system. The entire DeVos family has given away more than a billion dollars to education. I think that this is quite commendable because there are so many people that are going to be able to benefit from the contributions that he has given.


Dick DeVos is someone that never believed in simply setting idle while others are in need. That is why he has given so much back to education. That is also the reason that he continued his streak as a business executive by purchasing basketball franchise teams like the Orlando Magic and creating a life for him as president of the Windquest group.


I think that Dick DeVos has played an important part in the business world, but he has also been able to become a philanthropist and inspired many others to give just as he has. These are the things that make Dick DeVos stand out from so many other leaders in the community. He has worked with his wife Betsy DeVos to actually start the education Freedom Fund. It is through this that he has given away more than 4,000 scholarships to students in Michigan. This is something that really makes people appreciate Dick DeVos and all that he has done to reshape education.


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