Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is A Driven Team Player

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is A Driven Team Player

Betsy DeVos is a force to reckon with in Washington. She may be a 60-year-old billionaire, but she’s not the grandmotherly type when it comes to her political beliefs. DeVos and her husband Dick are Michigan Republican Party superstars. Betsy was the Republican chairwoman for Michigan, and the DeVos family is a major contributor to the Republican cause. Betsy was Betsy Prince before she met Dick DeVos. Her dad, Edgar Prince, founded Prince Automotive, an auto parts company in Holland, Michigan. Betsy was part of the family business before she and Dick got married. Dick DeVos is the son Richard DeVos one of the founders of Amway. When Betsy and Dick decided to use their wealth to help people in Michigan who didn’t have a social or economic voice, the couple became the first couple of Christian values in the state. Betsy’s mission was to change Michigan education system, and she isn’t stopping until she does.



Michigan has more charter schools than any other state. Some people say her nationwide charter school imitative will revolutionize public education. Betsy’s goal is to make her school voucher program work so kids across the country can go to schools that offer them a 21st-century education. Some of her adversaries say Betsy is turning the education department into a three-ring travel circus because of her non-stop trips to schools around the country. Her recent visit to Parkland, Florida was one of those trips, But that trip didn’t end the way the Betsy thought it would. When student journalists wanted answers to some hard questions about school safety and gun control, Betsy didn’t give them the answers they wanted. She danced around the questions, according to some students. Answering difficult political questions was not the reason for her visit, according to a few young journalists. They felt Trump sent her to Parkland for the positive press coverage not to aid in the student’s healing processor, or to answer tough gun control questions.



DeVos did her best to act like a caring Trump administration official. The fact that she put herself in the public eye in Parkland knowing she couldn’t give students any hope that Trump would take on the NFA or the gun control issue head-on is a sign. The sign is Betsy is a fighter. She got into the ring of public opinion in Parkland, and she did her best to assure students she and others in Washington were working to fix the school violence. But in that kind of situation, nothing anyone says is enough to relieve the pain, fear, and abandonment that the Parkland Students feel right now.



Betsy knows there will be days like the day she spent at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Those days are part of the job. But Betsy is trying to protect students, and she is trying to make America’s public education system great again, She believes charter schools are the future of public education. She is not backing down from her political opponents who say she is an out of touch billionaire who is in it for the glory and the recognition. Those people don’t know Betsy DeVos.


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