Enhanced Athlete Victory in Lawsuit Regarding Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete Victory in Lawsuit Regarding Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete is a fairly new company focused on providing formulas, videos, and guides that target fat burning, muscle building and enhanced performance. Enhanced athlete refers to its’ company as ‘pioneers of human evolution.’ With a focus on leading the forefront to enhancing human performance they are also constantly doing research in order to provide new, experimental formulas that are considered safe and used for enhancing the body. This Cheyenne, Wyoming based company, founded in 2014 was originally founded by former Sacramento-based bankruptcy lawyer Charles Anthony Hughes, more famously known as Dr. Tony Huge. Dr. Tony Huge is a body building persona he adopted to help promote Enhanced Athlete products. Mr. Hughes is said to now play a lesser role in the company as a brand ambassador for Enhanced Athlete. Leaving the company in the hands of acting CEO Scott Cavell.


Enhanced Athlete had been battling a legal battle with Nutrition Distribution since July of 2017. Nutrition Distribution claimed Enhance athlete damaged their sales by falsely advertising their products. In return ruining their reputation as leaders in the distribution industry, leading to a loss of revenue. Enhanced Athlete seemed to be just one stop on the Nutrition Distribution’s lawsuit agenda. Nutrition Defense already had 70 plus lawsuits against other companies pending at the time.


Enhanced athlete claims they were being coerced in to settling. They claim Nutrition Distribution is trying to get small amounts of settlement money from the companies they’re suing. Stating also that they push companies to settle in order to force them into giving them money in hopes the opposing party would submit under the looming pressures of legal fees.


Enhanced Athlete argues that Nutrition defense could provide no evidence for their claims against them. EA states that the opposing party had nothing proving the relation between the alleged false advertisement, to the alleged loss in the generation of sales.


“Enhanced Athlete is not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme,” says Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete. It looks like he was right, because the Court decided to deny Nutrition Distribution’s motion for preliminary injunction against Enhanced athlete. Therefore, ruling in the favor of the defendant.


Enhance athlete proved, in this case, to be innocent against the false advertisement claims filed against them in favor of the plaintiff, Nutrition Distribution.