EOS Gets Your Lips Super Smooth

EOS Gets Your Lips Super Smooth

For more than 100 years Chapstick was the most well-known company when it came to lip balm. Chapstick is a company that specializes in unisex lip balms. Chapstick virtually had no competitors for almost the entire time since their inception. Even if other companies made a lip balm, they generally copied the model of Chapstick. When an individual thought about a lip balm, they generally thought about a long cylinder container that held a waxy soft balm.

The makers of EOS lip balm wanted to completely and totally change the lip balm industry. They wanted to make a lip balm that was specifically for women. They did something that was revolutionary: they asked women what they wanted. EOS wanted to know the look, feel, smell, and ingredients that women would prefer in a lip balm. They did many different Facebook polls with women all around the United States, and they put that information well into their product.

The makers of EOS wanted to be able to find a product that was easy to locate in a purse. Since that was their aim, they made their lip balm come in round sphere containers that are soft and enjoyable to touch. EOS also wanted the lip balm application process to be enjoyable for women because they knew that would improve their products likeability.

The makers of EOS wanted their lip balm to have soothing and organic ingredients because the majority of their clientele appreciated organic products. EOS lip balms are made with Shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin D. These are the ingredients that nourish a woman’s lip with every application.


Now, Chapstick has had to take second place to EOS because EOS is the number one lip balm company. Pharmacies all across the nation sell EOS products, and since EOS is sold at such an affordable price, it is common to see women using these revolutionary lip balms.


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