Exploring the Features and Impacts of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Exploring the Features and Impacts of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is one of the most prominent businesspersons in the state of Paraiba, more precisely its capital, Joao Pessoa. This prominence is owed to his business operations in the area including Manaira Shopping. The well-architected and modern enterprise has propelled him to become a reference in the area, especially when it comes to investing and capitalizing on the region’s resources.

Ever since it was opened in 1989, Manaira Shopping serves as an embodiment of success for the residents of Paraiba. Nonetheless, the shopping center has undergone about five expansions since its construction. As such, it is currently one of the largest shopping complexes in Joao Pessoa, which offers not only an excellent shopping experience but also entertaining activities.

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Features of Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping boasts of about 75,000m2 of gross leasable area and 280 stores. Roberto Santiago planned the mall in a manner that ensures customer satisfaction. For this reason, Manaira Shopping is the go-to location for movie enthusiasts. This is due to its wide range of cinema facilities ranging from 3D rooms to a stadium system concept. Additionally, Manaira Shopping offers a remarkable gaming location for gamers, which includes over 200 electronic game machines.

Apart from gaming and movies, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has enough food joints to cater to those in need of food or snacks while at the premises. In fact, shoppers and visitors are presented with a broad range of options including restaurants, a gourmet space and food courts to suit different tastes and preferences. Additionally, Manaira has other facilities including university branches, a gym and ballroom.

Achievements of the Mall

A survey conducted by Abracse in collaboration with Urban Studies Group acknowledge Manaira Shopping for being one of the shopping centers, which led to the growth of the shopping center sector in Brazil by 6.5% in 2015. The survey also recognized the modern shopping complex for its effort in reinventing itself not only as a shopping area but also as a tour and leisure center.

Rafaella Barros, the marketing and digital manager of Manaira Shopping, emphasized Manaira’s status by calling it a multipurpose space with an array of facilities such as a concert hall, gym, movie theaters among many others. In 2015, Manaira Shopping recorded a movement of nearly 2 million individuals, which serves as a testament to the stability of the shopping sector in the country. Read more on comunique-se.com.

Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is an acclaimed Brazilian entrepreneur. He has made a name for himself in business by owning some of the popular shopping centers such as Mangabeira Shopping and Manaira Shopping. Santiago’s career hit the road at the Café Santa Rosa before joining the cartonage business. His knowledge in business can be attributed to his experience and studies in business administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa.


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