How Financial Leader Brian Bonar Created A World Class Restaurant

How Financial Leader Brian Bonar Created A World Class Restaurant

Brian Bonar is a San Diego-based leader in the financial services industry. He is also a restauranteur, buying his first restaurant in 2013. There was a restaurant in Escondido, a suburb of San Diego, that was one of his favorites and at a great location. This restaurant, which had been around for years, closed down suddenly. This led Brian Bonar to buy the restaurant and rebrand it into something far better.

Brian Bonar’s restaurant, Bellamy’s, has been very successful. It features a French-California cuisine fusion that was created by its star chef, Patrick Ponsaty. Patrick Ponsaty is one of only two chefs in the region that have earned the illustrious designation of Master Chef of France. Brian Bonar was also able to hire the old restaurant’s long-time frontman, Trevor Da Costa, as well as hire up and coming Mike Reidy as the restaurant’s Executive Chef.

Troy Johnson, the food critic for San Diego magazine, said that the food at Bellamy’s was superlative. He really enjoyed the experience, including his service, and the food he ate which included a duck dish, polenta with Parmesan, and a saffron panna cotta desert. He said the only misstep was the halibut was a little mushy but that was out of the restaurant’s control as that season that had been a very common problem in halibut fishing.

Bellamy’s success has led to Brian Bonar establishing another restaurant in the area at Ranch at Bandy Canyon. This restaurant is being built with Patrick Ponsaty building his dream kitchen. Once completed, he will cook at this restaurant and Mike Reidy will take over his duties at Bellamy’s.

Brian Bonar has had a lot of success as a financial executive. He is the leader at two financial services companies, Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept, Inc. He founded Trucept in 2011 and provides temporary staffing solutions to small businesses as well as insurance products.

He has been with Dalrada Financial for almost 20 years and through advancement is now the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. At Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar directs the company’s management and sales strategies that are used by small to medium sized businesses.

Bonar earned his Technical Engineering degree at James Watt Technical College in Staffordshire, England. He went on with his education by attending Stafford University, earning his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating, he worked for IBM for several years as a Procurement Manager. Eventually, he left and earned a management role at QMS where he was Director of Engineering.

Among other businesses that Brian Bonar has founded is Bezier Systems where he developed and released the world’s first SCSI printer. Other roles he has filled in the business world include President of Allegiant Business Services and an executive position at Itec Imaging Technologies.


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