Hussain Sajwani’s Milestone in the Real Estate Venture

Hussain Sajwani’s Milestone in the Real Estate Venture

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the current CEO of Damac Properties. It is a firm that deals with the development of the luxury real estate properties. It has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Sajwani is a real estate investor with exceptional skills on entrepreneurship and innovations. As the Damac owner, Mr. Sajwani has escalated his firm to a global standard. Since 2002, Damac Group has taken part in developing residential, leisure, and commercial properties in the Middle East. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

Hussain Sajwani career and success in real estate ventures

Previously, Mr. Sajwani was in the food service industry. He took his entrepreneurial dream a higher notch in 2002 and founded Damac Properties. During this year, the government in Dubai had authorized foreigners to own assets in the Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani took a risk and bought land in places that back then were regarded us undeveloped. His first project was building a 38-story building. He managed to sell off the residential units in less than six months. From that start, he has successfully constructed several luxurious properties. Mr. Hussain Sajwani’s projects have made Dubai become one of the stunning destinations in the world.

Sajwani and Trump deal

Long before Donald Trump became the president of the U.S., Damac Group had teamed up with him in the real estate business. In 2013, they collaborated and developed the glamorous Trump International Golf Club in Dubai.

The relationship between Damac and Trump Organization has been outstanding since the project turned out successful. During the New Year Eve, Trump described Hussain Sajwani family as the most beautiful people he has ever met.

Apart from his investment career, Hussain Sajwani has taken part in charity work. Recently Damac Group gave a financial donation to aid over 50,000 deprived children to get clothes.

The contribution was part of continued support for the government in its effort to uplift the living standards of its people. Under Hussain leadership, Damac Properties has been effective both economically and socially to the country.

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