Jim Tananbaum – A Leader In Healthcare Innovation

Jim Tananbaum – A Leader In Healthcare Innovation

Jim Tananbaum is an American CEO and Entrepreneur. He attended Yale University where he majored in Math and Computer Science. Jim also attended Harvard where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Doctor of Medical degree. Along with this, he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and obtained a Master of Science Degree. Throughout his life, Jim Tananbaum has always been interested in the connection between hard sciences and healthcare. This interest has led Jim to become the co-founder of several leading biopharmaceutical companies along with healthcare investment practices. One of his accomplishments was becoming the founder of Geltex which brought two new drugs into the market for a low price.

Jim’s experience in the field of investment has led him to the position that he is in now. In 2011, a private equity firm known as Foresite Capital was founded by Jim. This firm is dedicated to investing in emerging healthcare leaders. Currently, Jim serves as the CEO of the firm. Prior to this, he founded Prospect Venture Parent II and III and also worked with Sierra Ventures which are two leading investment firms.

According to Bloomberg, the idea to develop Foresite Captial was due to Jim’s amount of experience in being a healthcare entrepreneur and investment specialist. He claims that the experiences of working in these fields led to ideas that allowed him to develop the firm. Being an entrepreneur and CEO, bringing ideas to life is critical. Jim states that he allows himself to do this by working with the best and most professional leaders in healthcare. His firm is about giving leaders the potential to make discoveries that can have an impact on healthcare which is why they help manifest his ideas into real life.

Since 2011, Foresite Capital has seen a large amount of success in the healthcare field. Jim Tananbaum states that his admiration and excitement for learning has brought the firm great success. Along with this, he also has an excitement for innovation is applied to solve numerous healthcare needs. This is what drives his firm to help emerging healthcare leaders.

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