Joel Friant: The Creator of the Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant: The Creator of the Original Habanero Shaker

Success is nothing new to Joel Friant. He’s a had a long track record of that. It’s no surprise that his newest creation, the Habanero Shaker, has been a hit. Based in Corpus Christie, Texas, Joel does everything in his power to help others succeed and achieve their goals.

Having called himself a “serial entrepreneur,” Joel specializes in subconscious meditation and making kick-butt products that appeal to many people of many ages. He also has been known as the “Thai Guy,” because of his ability to make Thai food, fast food. Having been in the business for over 20 years, Joel Friant knows his way around the kitchen.

If a salt shaker and tabasco sauce had a child, it would be the Habanero Shaker. This simple, get ingenious concept, allows you to sprinkle hot sauce on your food, rather than drip it everywhere. Made from some of the most fiery peppers on earth, you won’t be disappointed.

The Shaker provides the perfect way to get a “kick,” and that’s not all. Studies have shown that habanero can produce the kind of high you get when you workout. Bring the Shaker with you anywhere, and get the party started. Enjoy good food, and good times.

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The food industry isn’t the only place where Joel Friant has made a mark. Back in 2003, he started his own real estate business by “flipping” homes. This is just another example of his entrepreneurial prowess and flexibility. Having such success, he decided to begin to create ways for other people to achieve the same level of respect. He now tours the world doing seminars and lectures, and he’s written tons of articles about success.

His current pursuits involve selling on Amazon and Ebay, and cryptocurrencies. He is keeping up with the times, and then speeding past them.

It’ll be a treat to see what he comes up with next! Until then, check out the Habanero Shaker, read some of his books, and get ready to go on an amazing ride.