Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson is a dedicated conservationist who early in his life knew he would devote his existence to the preservation of wildlife and the environment in which they inhabit. The genesis of Mark’s love for the outdoors began as a child. He could recall spending many holidays on the farms with his friends, enjoying the open space of the Outback and all the dusty tracks that came with the territory. The realization of his life’s work was discovered after spending a year in Northern Australia as a jackaroo, experiencing the outdoors through camping and fishing. At age 19, he traveled the length of Africa by car. But he did not limit his experiences and education to simply being outdoors in the wild. Mark attended the University of Sydney, from where he earned Bachelor of Economics. He also earned a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from the French business school of INSEAD. He also started work on his Masters Degree in Conservation and Biology. At age 22, Mark founded his adventure company known as UNTAMED, before eventually it transitioned into a ecotourism and training business named Avana. It was later sold in 2013 to a public company before folding two years later in 2015. Learn more:


Back in 2005, while in Africa, Mark met a future business partner in Anton Lategan. The two met after Mark had completed an EcoTraining course. The two became good friends, identifying a mutual goal to help people reconnect with nature. It was after this eventful meeting with Lategan that influenced Mark’s decision to join Lategan’s EcoTraining as a director and partner. In 2015, Mark also founded the Wild Ark with the focus of a business focused on empowering people globally with the passion for worldwide conservation. In EcoTraining, Mark shares directing duties with Alex van den Heever and owner Anton Lategan. Learn more:


Living and breathing the very spirit of conservation, Mark Hutchinson raised his family between urban living and outdoor life. His hobbies include surfing and spending time outdoors on his farm in New South Wales. Mark is a proud father of four, having instilled his love for conservation in his children. His eldest daughter completed her level 1 field guide course with EcoTraining. In addition to empowering people around the world with a desire to preserve nature, Mark also strives to leave the world’s ecosystems in better condition for not only his children but all the world’s future generations to follow. Learn more:



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