Todd Lubar On Real Estate

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Todd Lubar is an expert on real estate, and it is no wonder why. Mr. Lubar is not only a highly qualified real estate agent, but he is also a businessman and owns multiple companies relating to real estate. He has had many years of real estate work done in Maryland, and also has experience […]

The great thing about having your own company is that it gives you the ability to stand up for your own beliefs on things like gun control and gender equality. These are the things that Whitney Wolfe has become vocal about as a CEO. For Whitney Wolfe this is great because she has worked once […]

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States who earned a bachelor degree of business administration degree in production management. Well, his path to success has not just been a walk in the pack. For example, in an interview, he says that one of his first jobs after his education […]

The financial statements of Nabors Industries for 2017 were released not long ago, and their financial executives say they spell good news for the company in 2018. The good signs for the company were not only the production margins of oil drilling which were up from 2016 and increased revenue for the year as well, […]

Samuel Strauch, The Real Estate Guru

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     Samuel Strauch is a famous real estate person who works in Miami. Before he ventured into real estate, he was previously a banker. Mr. Strauch has vast financial know-how, which has become a great addition to his expertise in selling the property. During his primary years in the business, he started off in his […]

Dallas Women’s Foundation

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Accordin to an article on Nexbanks attendance at the 32nd annual Women’s Foundation, Nexbank has been more than extremely supportive in their attendance. In addition to that, the article discusses how Nexbank gift of a $100,000 was just one of their many shows of support. In addition to this, the article also makes light of […]

Doe Deere, the mythical “Unicorn Queen”, artful entrepreneur and founder of the popular cosmetic company Lime Crime, proves that it is possible to be yourself, and be successful.   The Russian born, New York raised Ms. Deere has always loved fairy tales, brilliant colors and make-up and blended that love into a unique, polychromatic cosmetic […]

Talk Fusion – The Rundown

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Communication is a crucial element in all aspects of life. In business, this element becomes vital when trying to incorporate clients, employees, and even other companies into your business model. What’s more important is the type of communication and how your message is being perceived by the recipient. In today’s world, there isn’t a better […]

Enhanced Athlete is a fairly new company focused on providing formulas, videos, and guides that target fat burning, muscle building and enhanced performance. Enhanced athlete refers to its’ company as ‘pioneers of human evolution.’ With a focus on leading the forefront to enhancing human performance they are also constantly doing research in order to provide […]

Betsy DeVos is a force to reckon with in Washington. She may be a 60-year-old billionaire, but she’s not the grandmotherly type when it comes to her political beliefs. DeVos and her husband Dick are Michigan Republican Party superstars. Betsy was the Republican chairwoman for Michigan, and the DeVos family is a major contributor to […]