Whitney Wolfe Presents The Best Dating App Option For Women

Whitney Wolfe Presents The Best Dating App Option For Women

What she wanted to do was create a successful rival that would actually put women in a position of control inside the company and inside of the app. Whitney Wolfe has created what she has often referred to in interviews as a feminist dating app. She is not sitting around a table as the only woman in a male-dominated culture that was part of the Tinder app that she co-founded.

With Bumble Whitney Wolfe has shown that she can create an app on her own and establish a work environment in her Texas-based company where she connects with staff members that are also female.

Whitney Wolfe is working in a place where she knows about the male-oriented culture from the perspective that men had on dating apps. She did not feel like she needed to create another app that would induce the same type of logic for the creation of Bumble. What she wanted to do with Bumble was get together with other women and get their input on what they would like to see in the app world. This would be the backbone of creating a dating app that would actually cater to a new generation of young millennial women that were finally in control. They wanted to see something different, and Whitney Wolfe got together with a team of women that could make this happen.

That may be the major difference for the Bumble app. It is a company with about 35 employees on a global level, and women are the dominant force behind the creative ideas that are put in place to build this company.

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